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A True Story
A True Story of Repressed Memories and Multiple Personality Disorder
Author:  Marcelle Guy  Co-Author:  G.S. Payne

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June 2014


"Because there is a little girl in me…and she wants to take over."

With these startling words, uttered to her therapist in explanation for her desperate plea to be hospitalized - to be somewhere "safe" -, Marcelle Guy begins the compelling, first-person, page-turning account of her life: Ellevie: A True Story of Repressed Memories and Multiple Personality Disorder.

A horrifying, near-death experience suffered at the hands of her father at the age of seven created not only a repressed memory for Marcelle, but a distinct personality. Her seven-year-old self effectively split off in that moment, forgotten and abandoned for thirty-five years until one day, standing in her kitchen, Marcelle suddenly realizes that the little girl she has carried with her in a vision all of her adult life - a little girl lifeless, stretched out on a bed - is her. The sudden inclusion of the girl into Marcelle’s life sets Marcelle on a path of harrowing emotional trauma.

The little girl essentially remains separate and apart from Marcelle, yet very much alive, creating in Marcelle an underlying sense of near-constant anxiety and an abject fear of losing control. In time, yet another personality reveals itself. And more memories come flooding back.  

          Author: Marcelle Guy    

          Co-Author: G.S. Payne

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